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The Reset by Break Method
You Can Rewire Your Brain to Work With You, Instead of Against You.
Welcome to The Reset by Break Method. An 8 Week introductory course led by Founder Bizzie Gold. This course helps you understand the role early childhood emotional experience plays in the patterning of your perspective of reality, labeling of your environment and relationship communication.

Throughout the session, you'll learn powerful and practical tools to start applying today. No matter what brought you here - this course will teach you the importance of stepping out into your full truth and prioritizing rewiring your brain so you can live the life you want instead of the one that keeps unfolding on autopilot. 

The Reset is now open for enrollment. To get $200 OFF your course registration, you must enroll before 9/20. After 9/20 the price goes up from $599 to $799.
3,000+ Graduates Agree - Break Method is MAGIC.
"As I started to listen to Bizzie's lectures I started to identify some really serious flaws in my way of thinking and in my behavior. I was spiritually bankrupt and my moral compass was non-existent. I now have daily tools that have been the impetus massive breakthroughs. Since taking this course my life just keeps getting better."
Dave F | Break Graduate | Connecticut
"This was hands-down the most life shifting experience. Within 6 months of starting Break Method my entire life changed. I grew up more in those 6 months than the entire 30 years prior. And you won't be doing it alone or without support. You have a personal accountability team to support you throughout the entire process. "
Cheyanna K | Break Graduate | Canada
"Break Method was the foundation of being totally honest with myself. I learned how to completely stop my self-sabotage and take personal responsibility in ways I never knew were possible. "
Shannon B | Break Graduate | Texas
"Break Method was a total gamechanger for me. Before Break, my pit was deep and sh**tty. I'm finally beginning to breathe (maybe truly for the first time). I now love this life I get to live. Just sign up. The support in this community is amazing and so is the work."
Nika L | Break Graduate | New York
"This is a safe container for you to begin taking personal responsibility and start creating your new life. So many positive changes will come from you being in this course. My brain works differently now after learning Break. The change is enormous and the ripple makes its way into every aspect of my life from my kids to  sense of self and my relationships. "
Sabina D | Break Graduate | California
"I love the way Bizzie teaches: No BS, with humor, with love, and with a passion for facilitating our transformation. The support from Break Method staff has been exceptional and beyond my expectations from the get go."
Cassie P | Break Graduate| Missouri
A Uniquely Powerful Approach to Stopping Self-Sabotage
⚡ Graduates share their life-changing experiences with Emotional Repatterning ⚡
The Reset is an 8 week introduction to Emotional Repatterning. This course includes 3 one-on-one sessions and all course fees can be applied to our full immersion course if you choose to continue. The best part - the results aren't temporary.
What's Included in The Reset?
1:1 Sessions
Get Instant Feedback
Your course enrollment includes a series of intentionally sequenced one-on-one appointments. During these sessions you process specific portions of coursework dedicated to source belief patterns, communication style and relationship interaction. This isn't a talk-about-feelings relationship. It's a relationship dedicated to constructive feedback and sustainable strategy.
Video Content
10 Hours of Video Lecture
The Reset is an 8 video course series over approximately 10 hours. This course takes a slower-paced approach for students wanting to see if Break Method is a good fit for them or needing more time in between lectures to process and manage daily life without added stress. This video sequence addressed triggers, source belief patterns, communication style and relationship patterns.
Facebook Group
Private Members-Only
Course enrollment includes access to our student group to ask questions about content, connect with other students and receive feedback on events transpiring in your life in real time. Being a part of this group is not required. We do recognize that FB can be a source of negativity for some. You are able to create a separate account to keep it just to your Break work if you choose.
We Won't Let You Fail
This won't be another course you sign-up for and never finish. We measure our course success based on two metrics: our graduation rate and how students rate symptoms after graduation. We are invested in getting you to show up for yourself and not cheat yourself on the lifechanging results that are now within your grasp. 
The Break Blueprint
You'll receive an in-depth workbook for each section of the course. Filled with engaging exercises that provide deep application of the concepts you learn, this workbook will become a coveted piece of self-discovery. Don't be surprised if you become highly territorial of your workbooks. These books will utilized in a cumulative exit interview process at the end of the course if you decide not to continue on to The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery.
Sustainable + Practical
We use a series of at-home tools to complement your work with Break Method. Directed Meditation, Directed Writing and Life Audits are just a few that drastically augment your learning experience. The goal is a quiet, on-task brain and these tools help you get there as quickly as possible. And the best part? These tools stay in your toolkit for the rest of your life.
Healing Requires More Than Tissue Boxes. It Requires Radical Personal Responsibility.
Graduates describe why getting off the fence leads you to a new life, a new outlook and a new way of existing in your world. 
The Reset is an 8 week introduction to Emotional Repatterning. This course includes 3 one-on-one sessions and all course fees can be applied to our full immersion course if you choose to continue. The best part - the results aren't temporary.
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What makes Emotional Repatterning different from other healing modalities?

Unlike traditional therapy or many alternative treatment methodologies, we treat your current life frustration, friction or chaos like a computer virus. This virus rapidly replicates to keep ruining your life [ even when you want to break free ] and evades detection at every turn [ it wants to survive too 😵 ].

It has spent as many years as you’ve been alive becoming more adept at passing itself off as YOU. In fact, when you experience intentional separation from it for the first time, it might be so intense that you have a moment of what we in the Break Method world call it Reality Vertigo.

Reality vertigo quickly tosses your brain and body through a worm hole of cognitive dissonance that spits you out on the other side with a brand new [ hopeful ] perspective on emotional healing for the first time.

This is Why BREAK is Different
 90% of all BREAK graduates who reported their starting symptoms at a terrible or debilitating rating, say that their symptoms were completely gone at the time of graduation.
The Reset is an 8 week introduction to Emotional Repatterning. This course includes 3 one-on-one sessions and all course fees can be applied to our full immersion course if you choose to continue. The best part - the results aren't temporary.
Want to talk to someone on our team?
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Next Course Starts 9/30
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You’re here because you’re sick of your own BS and you’re willing to do what it takes to get to the other side, right?


This experience will trigger you. It will piss you off and it will challenge you in every meaningful way you can think of.

It’s going to push you in ways your brain can’t yet comprehend.

And the best part is - you’re actually going to enjoy it.

We have to go in [ undetected ] to avoid your brain's protective reflexes. Your brain wants to keep you stuck in what it currently perceives as "safe." We teach you how to observe and outsmart this pattern through strategic data collection techniques.
We use a variety of exercises and tools in a set sequence to help you identify, observe and become aware of the actions, assumptions and behavioral choices that work together in a cycle of doom.
This pattern will be tested along a structured timeline of tool sets to uphold the scientific method process and verify or adapt our hypothesis. We test this hypothesis in all aspects of your life from intimate relationships and parenting to relationships with food, sex and even spirituality. 
With The Reset, you have two options at the end of the course. You can complete an Exit Interview and work with Bizzie Gold to create a strategy from the course work you have to-date or you can choose to apply your entire course fee to our complete immersion course as your deposit. The Reset is a preparatory course. There will be no crossover with work presented in The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery.
Rapid Transformation Awaits
Your Course Portal will unlock on 8/31. Live lecture content begins the first week of September. 
What You Learn in The Reset
Teach yourself how to observe and outsmart your brain's attempt to hit the self-destruct button.
Become a master at interrupting your anxiety / anger / frustration / sadness / shame / guilt with logic - to stop it before it starts.
Create and foster meaningful relationships by communicating more authentically
Stop drawing yourself to people that feed your emotional pitfalls - in life, love and business.
Stop the constant cycle of self-sabotage and self-doubt. 
If life decides to throw you an absolute curveball, whether it be health issues, family dilemmas, or a chaotic schedule, we give you the opportunity to retake the program in a future semester when the timing gets better for you.
We have a scheduled payment plan option to help fit your financial needs. At checkout, you'll decide if you're enrolling as a couple for a discount or as an individual. You will then select deposit + payment plan to be billed 3 payments over the course of the semester. You can opt to pay these however you wish and if you choose not to continue for any reason, you will not be billed for future payments.


$250 DEPOSIT + 2 X $224.50